Thursday, 22 October 2009

This is me, Sammy-Jo Stephenson and I'm currently studying Textiles and Surface Design BA(Hons). At the moment we are doing a minor project and i've decided to do fashion. My brief is loosely inspired by the work of Gaudi, and whilst researching i found some crazy photography in Super Super magazine and thought i'd try it out for myself. I convinced my friend and boyfriend to help me and we'v all ended up looking like these boy goerge wannabe's. However these images are the primary inspiration for my collections.

This is my very nice and patient friend Alice Hardy. Hours of fun! looking amazing!

This is Danny Casey my boyfriend and the biggest poser out of the lot of us!
He spent the whole time winging about mascara in his eyes and the make-up was heavy on his face. These poses came a bit too naturally to him and i'm slightly worried...

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